Wow- it has been a long, long time since I have been here, but I decided this will be a good thing to try to do again.  I need a venting forum!

I have lots of things on my mind all of the time, however, I don’t really have many people to get them off of my mind to.  I have friends- but the “get it off my mind and really vent” life long friends are all 600 miles (or more) away.  I have become the therapist of the friends I have, so I get overwhelmed by them much of the time.  I never try to reach out, I actually feel it is useless.  Everyone has issues that MUST be bigger than mine.  Maybe, just maybe, one time someone will just call, send a text or email and say – hey!  Tell me how YOUR day has been or what is going on in YOUR life, but I won’t hold my breath.  It is what I have allowed myself to become and until I change it, then it will stay this way.  If I snap, this will be here to tell the world what snapped me!


Fighting the Flu….will return to our regular scheduled programming as soon as I can.

A positive – re-applied for the clerical pool positions, so I am not out of the running to get in perm at some point yet!  🙂  Now – off to keep sleeping! 


YIKES!!  Over 60 applicants so far for the job I want.  AND I realized the requirements say “associates degree in accounting or equivalent experience”  I fear this will move me way down the list, but at the same time, the thought of possibly pulling this off makes me so excited.  IF I get this job over all those apps I am going to FREAK OUT!!  At the same time, I have prepared myself that this may actually not be the path I am intended to take, even though I want it so much.  I am positive things will work out no matter what. 

I figured out today that staying gluten free IS the right way to go for me.  I am glad to know that it is working.  It will be worth the few extra dollars for certain things to keep me out of pain! 

Is it OK to be positively stressed??!  Because this day caused it.  The outcome of the job I want is up in the air for weeks! 


I spent part of my morning fixing up my resume and getting my application submitted for the job that I want so much!!!  Step one – complete!!!  Or shall I say step 2 as step 1 was the prayers I have been saying ever since Friday!  And they continue!!  Wish me luck!! 

I was finally able to take my gal to spend her Justice Card and Christmas Money.  Then I was spent for the rest of the day.  But, I was so happy to get out into the world! 

I received very exciting news today – that is potentially really good for me.  The previous temp job I had, that I LOVED (even more than the one I am in, because I really enjoy this one as well) is open for ANYONE to apply, not just internal employees!!  I can’t wait to be able to apply!! 

Not very productive today – and that is exactly what I was going for.  I didn’t make the pain go away, but it is my hope that my nothing kind of day will make tomorrow even better.  I have an interview that I really need to rock so I am praying for a decent night of sleep and a great outlook tomorrow.  I need this one as I don’t predict the other that I wanted is going to happen since I can’t get an answer out of someone about it, so I am thinking the quiet speaks volumes.  I have to just accept that I am going to work somewhere else than where I was so excited to be open again, but anywhere permanent will be just fine!  Here’s Hoping!

Went to my post surgical appointment.  He had an intern in with him and they worked on me to try to drain some of the hematoma that I have on my incision.  He made the intern stop when I made a noise of pain – which was just a noise, I was not dying or anything…that is just how he is.  Do no harm.  🙂  I adore him!  He is the poster child for what a doctor should be.  So, hopefully this with rest and the pain pills will help this pain and lump finally go away for good.  He put me off of work until Monday.  I am READY to get back to real life – to normal.  When I was out today I was feeling like I had been in a coma – everything looked odd because I had not been out in so long!  Tomorrow – after Jenna gets on the bus will be a day of riding the couch!  I hope there will be some things to watch.  🙂  So, the good news is I should be on my way to recovery for sure now!  More fun news is that Jenna is trying out for the Wizard of Oz.  I hope they give her Some kind of part, she has not been in a play yet!  I KNOW once she is in one the bug will get her and she will love it.  She has been a performer since she could talk!  She used to climb on her toy box and do shows for us.  She even gave herself a “stage name”  Jenna-rosity!  Silly girl, but I really hope she gets something – even a tree!  The side note- she has to sing.  I am not sure she can carry a note in a handbag so I am not so sure she will get a part that needs sung!  LOL  Poor girl!  But, wish her luck!! 


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