Today was a busy day here at the Himmelreich home. I got up and finished 2 loads of laundry and then put some bedding in to wash, emptied the dishwasher, places the vacuum in the livingroom (for Brian to do later seeing I was sneezing up a storm today), got dressed, made the bed from the clean bedding, ran to the grocery store for a melon, hot dogs and some propane for the tank, marinated the chicken, cut up the melon and waited for Brian to start cooking.

When I got back home the DirectV guy was here. He brought our second DVR to us (we decided to put one in the bedroom too!) and moved the standard box into Jenna’s room. She picked out a Supergirl TV for her room. It’s a TV/DVD combo and now she can watch in there when she plays. She claims that she is sleeping in there now that she is #1 – 4 years old and #2 – has a TV in there now. We didn’t bother moving her bed in, we will rail the Queen bed that is in there seeing that is much easier. I give it a half hour TOPS before she is back in her own bed next to mommy! Anyhow, the DVR doesn’t work yet. They upgrade systems on Sunday and just spend the day telling people when they call in that it will be about 24 hours before it is ready. The poor tech said he hates it! He gets a new install and they dont have TV at all for 24 hours. Why work then?? Good question! And we have to leave the box on for when they do upgrade, which is a bright blue circle….I cant sleep with that glowing!! I just may sleep in Jenna’s room with her afterall LOL!

Mother in law, grandmother in law and brother in law came for a cookout. We had enough chicken to feed the neighborhood!! We also had potatoes grilled in foil. After everyone ate Jenna was ready for her daily trip to the park. I am glad she is so active as well as athletic. She can do most everything at the park. She needs help getting up to hang on the monkey bars, but you may not hold her when she is up there and she jumps off on her own. Maybe gymnastics classes in the Fall for a trial. So, I went armed with my video camera and took some pics of her at the playground, on the twisty slide, on the merry go round with her friend Zoe that she made there….she makes a new friend every trip, and then they fed the ducks together. That was pretty funny!

This coming week Brian and I both only work Monday and Tuesday. We also both have to work longer than usual days. (he will work 10+ hours and I will work 8 those 2 days). Wednesday I have steaks for us to grill and we are going to get some corn on the cob. Then we will head to West Reading Pool for the fireworks. Thursday we are going out to the bigger playground/picnic area for the afternoon. I will pack us some lunch and drinks. Jenna loves it there. I am thinking of seeing if I can get her cousin for the day – I will pick her up at her daycare- and she can go along with us. Her and Jenna are always good and she listens to us very well. We haven’t decided on Friday yet. Probably a lazy day unless we figure something else out in the meantime. I am sure Jenna won’t let us rest for long LOL.

I am making us not spend money for awhile! This and that, odds and ends, 3 trips to the grocery, using gas when we dont have to, etc etc etc. I may take 2-3 weeks off anytime from August to October and I don’t want to have to worry about being strapped during that time. It seems we just piss away money left and right and I am not sure where it all goes. When I told Brian we are going to save he asked what we were spending it on. Heck if I know!! I do know a 40th birthday party then a 4th just 3 weeks later sucked a lot of it away! Oh and the house insurance was due in June- that’s a big bill!! And this month is Car insurance. ack! Oh where oh where is my winning lottery ticket!!

Enough rambling. Off to see what’s on the tube and wait for the other 2 to arrive home tired and hu