I just went through the 3 online picture sites that I have used. I had pictures in Kodak and in Snapfish that I had not ordered. I want to get my “to do” photo boxed filled for my scrapbooking. 151 ordered!

I have to do Jenna’s 6 month to 1 year album, 1-2 year album and then I will be back on track to start will Fall of 2006. I skipped ahead and got her preschool album finished, but it was mostly crafts and just a couple pages of pictures. I sat down and took 90-some pictures of my scrap pages. I will have to load them sometime.

I am trying to figure out which picture site will be best to use from now on. I have an album on Shutterfly for July that I started- seeing I had all my Yahoo photos moved over there I may just stick with that one from now on. This is how I ended up having to order 151 pictures today- all the places they are I lose track of them!

So I am going to try to take the next 4 days and get at least the 6month to 1 year album done. I want to have all my pictures in order for when my scrapbook unit arrives. Its this cool thing I found on LTD and though I need to save money now, I had to get it before it sold out again like it has before!!

Going to try to link the scrapbook tower- lets see if it works! http://tinyurl.com/3bqart

If not just copy and paste it.

Peace out!