Well, Friday the 13th had a few bumps in it but all in all was a very good day. To start with – the afternoon before the woman at work is a new Grandma as of Thursday afternoon so we are all excited and thrilled about that!!!

Friday was BUSY! I got up and got Jenna ready for her last day at week long camp at the park through the YMCA. Then I had to run to the post office and the bank. When I got home Brian was home and out of the shower ready to head out. I grabbed a short slim jim stick and we discussed stopping for something quick on the way. Well, between here- driving thru B.F.E. to get to the turnpike there was nothing. So we hop on the turnpike and I had to take the exchange. We finally got off of that and had directions to follow. They sucked!! We passed our exit (not knowing we did but figured it out from the time we should have been there) so I got off the next exit which turned out to be another bypass so it was a divided highway! I had to get off of there, go down the street, get back on that bypass to get back to the one we were on. Then I was going to get off an exit and Brian told me it was the wrong one. He finally got the clinic on the phone and it turns out the directions they mail us come from the MICHIGAN office!! WTF!? I yelled to the phone they better have some Xanax for me when I get there. I knew that I would be seen by the Dr after the seminar in the order that I arrived so I was gunning for a half hour early. We left our house at 11am and I was the 4th (and turned out to be last) person to arrive!! Did you notice anything in the story up there? NO Stopping for lunch. I was so upset and was getting a migraine. I was sure this was shaping up to be a mistake!

We finally arrive and I was happy to see it was right outside of a mall (for quick food after the appt!!) I had more paperwork to fill out when I got there. The Doctor who ran the seminar was of a Russian background so she took a few minutes to get used to. She was very thorough and answered almost every question I had before I even had to ask it. Then we had a potty break and they started to take people back to see the Doctor. I read 2 Time magazines and went pee once before she came in. She was really kind and went through everything with me. Because of family history I am supposed to see a Cardiologist for an evaluation due to family history. I also have some bloodwork to get which I will do later this week. She asked that I lose 10 pounds before surgery for certain and try for more to make it easier for her to get the scope in and move around. Your liver also shrinks when you are eating low fat so it is not in the way of the stomach during surgery. She warned me that because of genetic problems with my spleen and scar tissue from that surgery that I can very well wake up and she would have not done anything. She is confident that this will not happen, but it is a possibility I have to have in my mind. I will in fact be devastated if this happens. She told me I was a very good candidate for the surgery due to my commitment to all the things I have tried to do so far. She said I will stay on plan and follow the directions which will make my loss work the way it should. I have to take certain supplements forever after the surgery so I am going through my cupboards tomorrow to see which I already have (know I bought things a couple months back) and buy what I don’t have. I have to start getting in the habit of taking them everyday and I am SO bad at taking pills!! I need some kind of talking alarm everyday that yells at me until I put the pills in my mouth LOL! I also have to eat low fat, low carb, high protein, high fiber, no caffeine (not a problem as I cannot tolerate it!), 64oz water a day. I shopped today to start this on Monday. Also on the mornings its not 100 degrees at 9am I plan to walk. I also am going to write a schedule out that works with the way I work and all so I can do the 6 meal a day thing and NOT skip breakfast. I have NEVER been a breakfast eater so I got some Carnation Instant to use. I also got some Kashi cereal that is really high in protein and fiber. So, Monday starts phase one of nu-sandy.

I stopped by my PCP office to get the name of a cardiologist seeing I had no idea where to start. He told me to set an appt. up there for a consultation and EKG. If the EKG is clean there is not a cardiologist who will even see me simply for family history! So I am going to have them do and fax the report in hopes that they accept it. I have that appt on August 10th. I am hoping that they accept this and get my insurance approval for an October surgery date. I know from other people they are about 2 months out plus my mother in law has vacation in Oct. I would hope to have someone come out to help me a couple days of a week for my surgery then the next week while I recoup can be her vacation. Let’s pray everything goes smooth and I can get the dates I need.

In other news, after the appt we went to the Mall to eat then headed for home. Seeing it was rush hour in the Philly area we traveled on the pike at about 10 miles an hour for about half an hour and was pretty slow and busy the rest of the time. Once we got home I checked the mail and there was a check in there from our insurance company in the amount of our home owners insurance. It turns out it is in out mortgage payment so I didnt need to pay it!! Thank God!! We were short because of Brian being off around the 4th of July and he didn’t use vacation days. So I went to BJs and stocked up on some things like soap, shampoo, water and chicken. I have one thing to take back because I bought Brian the wrong contact solution stuff. Plus now we have some mula mula for the Fireman’s carnival which is this next week!

That’s all for now – will update more about the surgery and things when I get any info. I won’t hear from them until mid-August anyhow.