I am not so into scrapbooking that I do swaps and become a consultant or anything like that, but I do like my pages to look decent and have a good journal on them and I am happy. Today I went to my friend’s house to work on my books on the tables she set up in her basement (thanks for my own table LIz!!!) and had tons of working room! Jenna and Andrew entertained themselves (with the help of Uncle Tom too – thanks Uncle Tom- I owe you a Squirt and a Faygo!!) while I worked and Liz did things to keep herself from working at home like she was supposed to be LOL. Anyhow, the most challenging page I ever had to do is finally done. I thought about and worried on this page for weeks. I started to work on it, but I kept looking at the photo of Jenna and Grandmom from behind and KNEW there was something there- something that picture was SAYING but I just could not hear it. I finally found the poem on the internet and while I was sitting there considering if I should redo the words on the page that Liz printed over on accident it hit me….So, here it is. I hope it does Grandmom even half the justice she deserves!

We miss you Grandmom!!


Hopefully the link works…if not copy and paste!!