On Sunday night Jenna wanted to take a shower. She has done this before with me when I wash her hair etc, and she has done in alone to wash up and play in it, but she never took a real shower alone. She kept asking so I started the water for her and sat her shampoo, conditioner and soap where she could reach it and gave her a washcloth. She washed her hair, conditioned it, washed her bod, turned off the water, got out and wrapped up in a towel all on her own. The only time she needed help was when she needed a dry rag to wipe her wet eyes (dont we all) and she asked me to wrap her hair in a towel like I do mine. I had to run 2 cups of water over her head to get a little soap residue out but other than that she did very well. She was in forever too so I can imagine how this is going to be when she is older!! Awww…my baby!