Today after we went and looked at another dud of a house, we went to the Muhlenberg Carnival. It started at 5:00 and we got there right then. It was 5:20 before we could buy tickets (a wristband) and that long before any of the vendors were open. Some of the rides were not even ready yet. They had not blown up the larger bouncer by 5:30! Jenna went thru a sort of fun house that was all on the outside and had a slide at the end, then she did the helicopters. Being so early there were only a few little kids even riding, so when we got to the helicopters no one else was in line to ride and unfortunately, no one else came along. Now, anyone who knows Jenna knows how she LOVES to ride anything! The child got BORED on this ride she was on for SO LONG. Brian and I were on a bench in front of it, he decided to go looking for something to drink in a bottle (pushing cups with no lids in a stroller on lumpy grass sucks!) and to see if the pretzels were done cooking yet (another thing that wasnt ready when I asked for one at 5:15!). He came back and we had a few bites of pretzel. It was beginning to feel like I was watching a horror movie with the bad guy sticking the victim on a kiddie helicopter ride and just keep it going until the are ready for the bloody scene! I had just told Brian to go tell the guy to let her off when he started slowing it down. She got off and said to me “I was on that FOREVER!!!” lol. Poor kid! We did a few more things, rode the pony (not included in the bracelet mind you) and got out of there. What a horrible event!!