So she saw the nurse first who took her blood pressure (89/50 I think- I Know I got the 50 right), weight (38lbs 75%) height (41″ 75%)and had me fill out a form. I was supposed to stop when I got 3 NOs picked. I picked the 3rd no on the very last answer. The Dr. came in and looked at it and told me she is developmentally 6 years old (that is as high as it tests). He said her weight is excellent and her BMI will be awesome (whew! and we plan to keep it that way!!). She actually held a nice conversation with him, a lot of time she will not talk to him but he is just super sweet so how could she resist LOL. We talked about night terrors- he said around 5 or 6 years old they should end, just reassure her and know that she doesnt even remember it happening in the morning (which is true). The asthma issue- he wants her back on the Flovent before the Specialist does, so I am going to start it when she starts back to preschool. He asked how much fish she eats. I laughed! He said nuts work too, which she loves! But he wants me to get an Omega 3 to give to her because studies are showing it helps asthma .

Now the not so good news. We did the eye test at the end. We have to see a pediatric opthamologist.(however you spell that) Her vision is 20/50. Poor thing couldn’t read the chart until 4 lines up. She would try a couple letters and tell us she couldnt see it. And she knows all her letters so I don’t really *think* that is it, though the letters are odd on the charts. So I called one and a visit is at least $150 depending on what they find. Only thing we are not covered for! ugh.

She got 3 shots…Chickenpox, polio, Hep A. She will get her MMR with her flu shot in October. She cried but recovered very quickly! Gladys went w/me so she took Jenna out to get a sticker and wait for me to talk to the Dr about her eyes. He also checked my head for me LOL and gave me some dermatologist names.

We then went to a lame carnival and out to eat. Now Jenna and daddy are outside playing! I am off to join them!