I guess since it has been 2 years since a set of childhood shots I forgot some of the things that happen after them!! Jenna was a little whiney, but heck that is her most of the time lately LOL, but she was in more of an on the edge of meltdown mode. She told me her arm hurt and kept complaining about it so I gave her some Motrin. She went to bed and was watching TV and I could see she was tired so I shut the TV off and within 5 minutes she was out. This was about 10:30ish. She slept pretty well just moving around quite a bit. At 12:00 I put her in her own bed and went to bed myself. About 1ish she started thrashing, crying, more than her usual night terrors when she has them. She was awake this time. Wouldnt let me cover her, did not want me to talk to her, hold her, touch her. She just sobbed for a few minutes. I kept asking her what hurt and she would just say “dont ask me that!” Poor pudd. She asked for the TV on and rolled, kicked, etc some more but finally relaxed. The next thing I knew it was 4:30 and Brian was in the room shutting off the TV and taking Jenna to pee. She went right back to sleep after that waking up only one more time and we slept until 10!! I was going to leave at 11 and work early today- not happening LOL! I will shoot for 12 now. She seems ok this morning- pretty happy. It was funny when she woke up she woke me up and said “I can’t sleep” then I looked at the clock and thought..well, its no wonder! I cant believe I did not wake up between her last wake up and then! I must have been worn out from yesterday too!