In replying to a friend’s blog about her fear of letting her youngest go to school tomorrow and wondering if he really is a little scared, though he would never show that fear to her, made me think. This is my reply to her with some things added. How do we, as mothers, allow them to fly, but at the same time hang on as tight as we can??

Starting now we have to let go, little by little. The smaller the better for us, but them seeing it as being bigger than it is helps them even more. I let SO many things go so often as to Not stifle. It’s my biggest fear. Make her like I was- I would have failed. Make her the complete opposite of me- Success!! When she is climbing the outside of the stairs and for no other reason then my own fears should she get down, I let her go, say a little prayer and hope for the end of the stunt soon. Surfing on the back of the sofa-same deal. Her request for a skateboard and to surf like on Johnny Kapahalia would so be answered if we had a place to surf! So we have to let go but just don’t let them know how tight we are still really hanging on! Impossible balance to achieve? I think we would never tell our children something is impossible, so why not believe in ourselves?