My friend in Michigan has become a consultant for Beauti Control

She sent me a supply of skin care products which I have been using for about 6 weeks. I really love them! They give my skin a healthy look and a smooth feel. The best part of the whole thing is how Quick the whole treatment is! I use a foam, scrub and mask which you put all in your hand at the same time, wash and rinse. Then I put on the toner and let it dry for a couple minutes then apply the moisturizer. It all takes less than 5 minutes and the results are fantastic!!

I have decided I am going to buy the starter kit that they have on special for $99 until the end of September. This will sign me up as a consultant and give me training. Christine is going to come out one weekend and do several spas at my house that weekend. If you are close enough you should plan to attend one so I can practice my first spas on people I know!!

Also, if I am able to sell $250 worth of products before I become a consultant I get a ton of extra things! So, if I can get 25 people to purchase just $10 worth of product I will have a lot more things to start my business off with. Take a look at the page linked above and email me at my yahoo address or reply to my post here and tell me what you would like to order. I have to get with Chris yet about how we go about getting the orders placed for me so once you tell me what you want I will let you know if I will place the order for you or if you should order off a special website!

Please consider trying some things out and then when you come to a spa you can learn more about it. I also wanted to share that I love the hand treatment. It is a prescrub and then a lotion. It makes your hands feel fantastic and it helps dry hands greatly!!

Thanks everyone and I hope to hear back from you all soon! Send this information on to people you know who you think may like it too! And please friend me on this blog so you can keep up with this continuing endeavor with me!!

Thanks everyone!!!