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Guess that this big city girl turned country gal is doing-Tomorrow!! We are heading to NYC tomorrow! I am SUPER Excited! My first time there!! We are first going to the Statue of Liberty and then heading over to Battery Park area.

Things on the to do list:

  • Empire State Building
  • Ground Zero
  • A taxi cab ride
  • Times Square
  • A dirty hot dog from a street vendor
  • FAO Schwarz (been to one before but of course not this one)

I am hoping Mr. Big enjoys it so much that I can talk him into going back for a show. I am so dying to see a show on Broadway. I just LOVE live theatre and miss it since moving here away from a big city.

Will update on the trip Sunday!!


How cute is this ice cube tray!

One of her favorite positions as a baby. I can’t believe she was this little. It seems like such a short time ago, but at the same time it seems so far away!

Her first Christmas. I was lucky and captured her being her silly old self at the right moment. What a pudge she was!!

First Valentine’s day. 7 months old. This is also when we did the bathtub pics but I do not have any of that one loaded in my albums.

Thanks for reminiscing with me!!

September pics:  Click Here

If you already looked at the September folder before, the new pictures start on page 8. Some around the house, the Oley Fair, the Sunflower field, and shoes shoes shoes!!


Enter to win a new PINK DYSON vacuum cleaner from ‘5 minutes for moms’!  The best part is they are donating to the Breast Cancer research foundation.

I am now a Beauti Control Consultant. WHEEE! Check out the website and see if I can do anything for you. If I manage to sell $200 in products in the next 2 days I can get $500 in products with it!! It’s a one time offer so come on gals- you know you need some pampering!!

Visit the website

When the website comes up go over to the far right near the top and find the SHOP NOW button.  Then it will ask you if you have a consultant & if you were referred by a consultant.  Click YES on both.  You do not need a client # or anything to shop, just drop down to the second set of boxes and where it asks for Consultant #put my number in : 1265430 Then click Find consultant and my name will come up.  Click beside my name and then hit continue shopping.  Hopefully this will allow you to shop til you drop!!

I will have my own website once I go to official training, but my friend is coming out to train me soon! YAY!

Knocking on your computer screen.  Is this thing on??  I don’t think anyone comes here besides BLL, SO and myself!!  I WANT COMMENTS PEOPLE!  Acknowledge and and tell me how great and captivating I am!  PLEASE–Someone read my blog!!!


I am usually disappointed in most of the winners for these award shows, but in the hour I have been watching I have been pleasantly surprised. America Ferrera won. Steve Carrell won. Sopranos and Ugly Betty both won for directing. James Spader won (love him!!) and saving the best for last and no shock to anyone, The Sopranos won!! Woo!!

Because I was thinking of it I will do a second one right away. I just watched this last night. The Longest Yard with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler. Though I Know this is a movie from 2005 this is my first time watching it. (this sometimes happens to moms!). I LOVE Adam and Chris so that makes it good right off the bat. It was funny and kept my interest. It also had Terry Crews in it, who I went to High School with, so that was a plus. I always like watching him. (He also plays the dad on Everybody Hates Chris). And seeing him play football again took me back seeing he was our best player in school and went on to Pro. So see it- I give it 4 buckets of popcorn. It doesnt get 5 because someone was killed off before the end of the movie.

I wanted to do this after I watch a movie and I never started it. Today’s review will be 23 with Jim Carrey. His wife bought him a book and he keeps finding things in the book that are much like his life. He becomes obsessed and it consumes his life. The twist in it was REALLY good and I didn’t figure it out ahead of time. Always a good review when that happens seeing movies such as The Sixth Sense I figured out the moment he was shot. I am usually pretty good at it. The Secret Window was another that had a keep me guessing until the end twist. Skeleton Key I had to watch 2 times to even get LOL! So…23 is a 5 buckets of popcorn review!

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