That is the day I return to work! Yep- I am off until then. How wonderful is that? I am supposed to work from home on Tuesday, but yesterday my neighbor came over to look after The Princess while I got the work done already. On Tuesday The Princess and I have to go get the work signed and then run it by the office but other than that- no work!! They took pity on me seeing The Princess does not start school until Wednesday and Open House is on Tuesday I would have only been able to make it in for a couple hours. Then I had already taken Wednesday and Thursday off. Jenna will go to school on Wednesday then right after we are heading to the shore. We are going to stay in Seaside Heights, NJ at the Cranbury Inn. We will arrive on Wednesday night and spend Thursday on the beach. We come home Friday but we plan to stay the whole day and come home that night. I am thinking if we are having barrels of fun we may just book for one more night when we get down there- we will see how the weather goes and how much we are liking it.

This weekend we aren’t up to a whole lot. Mr. Big is changing the oil in both of the vehicles. We will go have something to eat. Later this evening we are heading to Dipstick and Nurse Ladies place to hang out. Tomorrow is the picnic at Mr. Big’s moms house. Monday we have nothing planned so I am thinking I am going to drag out my scrapbook and finish the two pages I have needed to finish for weeks now. Monday I am also going to get everything packed that I can so I just have last minute things to put in on Wednesday after I take The Princess to school. She is SO excited about going!! She says every time she puts a pair of her flip flops on that she will wear them to the beach. At this rate I will have 5 pair packed if I am not careful LOL!

That’s about all for now. I think I will head out to do the mini grocery shopping I need to do for this week!