We met the teacher last night, got hammered with a million pieces of reading materials, forms, payment envelopes, etc. This teacher is very structured to a T. I did not like today’s happenings AT ALL! But, its just me being a mom. The Princess cried last night and finally told me she was afraid there would be no potty because she is upstairs now. I told her there would be and we would go see it first thing today. The child peed about 5 times today and told me her belly hurt more than once. I think the kid experienced nerves and didn’t know what to make of it. Anyhow, we get to school and I go to the new door we will be using for this class. People are waiting outside so I think the door is locked. No. The teacher was coming Outside to get the kids. We didn’t even get in the door! 4 of us moms who had the same class together last year all had the same reaction. We didn’t like it at all. Especially the first day. Mr. Big said they were just making it like ripping off a band-aid and getting it over with quick. None of us like the field trip rule either and we all plan to be sure she knows we WILL be driving out own child to a field trip, even if we cannot go inside on said trip. We just aren’t going to complain the first day LOL. I took some pictures of The Princess this morning. First one is at home and yes, she posed herself that way, I never have anything to do with her Paris Hilton poses LOL. The other one is OUTSIDE of the school of course. I am going up at 3:00 for the 3:15 pick up so I can be sure to get inside!