We took a short trip to the shore this week. We had SO much fun! The Princess loved the beach so so much! We actually decided this trip went so well and The Princess likes this sort of thing so very much that our trip for next year will be a week at the shore. We want to find a place right on the boardwalk, probably in Ocean City, MD for the week so that we can park and not have to drive at all, plus we will be right at the beach. We can leave our things for the day and come back to it later. I am thinking we can go down on a Sunday and come home on a Friday and then we will not be hit with the weekend rates. I am going to book in February I think so we can find what we want and have it available. I do want a fridge and microwave in the room if it is a hotel, but we may be able to find a condo on the beach too! By “on the beach” I mean I want to look out the window and see the beach and ocean, not have to walk across any street to see it. Anyhow, it was VERY hot there! We went in September thinking it would be just right, but boy was it H O T!! And most of the boardwalk was closed down. But, no matter, it still rocked! The hotel was not the best we have had, but we managed. I am sad we will have no more vacations now until after the long, harsh winter. Bleh! But, we have the memories!! Here is a link to all the September pics so far, including the trip of course.


And a preview….