This is what I soon hope to call myself! (and my husband too!) I have joined the Biggest Loser Club and we will be watching the show and dieting with them. Now, mind you, we do not have 10 hours a day to exercise, but we are going to do our best. Mr. Big brought my trampoline down today and we will both use it daily. I called Mr. Big while are the grocery store today and added a ton of things to his list as I was in the process of joining the club then. The tools they give you are amazing. Menus for 3 meals and 3 snacks each day with an option next to each item to switch it up, so you make your very own personal plan but it keeps it in the same calories for you. I also have set up my fitness plan- 4 days of cardio and 3 days of stength. 2 of my strength days will be in the pool at my water therapy classes. We are planning this beach trip next June and I will not be ashamed to put on a bathing suit for another summer!! I set my goal at 80 pounds. Thats between 8-9 pounds a month or about 2 a week- there is NO reason I cannot lose 2 pounds a week! The princess and I will walk every morning at 10am (except on my therapy days) or we will bike once I get the bike trailer tires fixed. The one likes to keep going flat so we are just going to get new wheels for it. I LOVE running on my trampoline so that is never a problem. I am just going to have to share with The Princess as I know she is going to be super excited to see I brought it back down. I will have to make a computer time for her while mommy is running deal. She will take it I am sure! Oh and the Club has you put her new weight in once a week and calculates BMI, percent of loss, how much to go, etc. Wish me LUCK! Nothing has worked so hopefully doing this, exercising, my water therapy, my monthly Dr appts to meet my 6 months worth of requirements for WL surgery will actually keep me away from the surgery and let me do it on my own. We shall see! But I can’t pass up the opportunity to try! I am going to give it my all and if it does not work then I should be having surgery in the Spring- but let’s just hope this is something that finally kicks in for my body and we can do it! I have to ask Mr. Big what his goal will be, but I am guessing what it will be! He has no interest in the surgery but he is slowly developing medical conditions that he needs to nip in the bud! I will continue to update weekly on our progress!