I had to share a couple funnies from The Princess recently.

When we were on vacation last week there was a small fridge in the room.  She opened the door to put her soda in and I told her not to play with it.  She said to me “Mom, I was putting my soda in it.  It’s not just a decoration you know!” 

She was going upstairs to get something today and asked me to watch her up the stairs like she usually does.  She was walking up backwards.  She said to me “Mommy, I am walking up backwards because you are just so cute I want to watch you!”  Her and I have a little thing where she tells me I am cute and I say you are Cuter and she says no you are!  She sure is good for the ego!

Today my MIL picked her up from Preschool.  She had on her pink sparkle shoes, which she has worn 3 out of the 4 days this week.  MIL said to her about having the shoes on again.  Princess told her “Sarah likes them so I wear them so I can let Sarah look at them on me.”  How nice of her!  HA! 

I have to try to remember all the witty things to keep them forever.  She says so many things that I cannot even remember them all!