My weekend, as always, started on Friday.  I had a Dr. appt at 9:30.  He was not happy with my Biggest Loser plan.  The sample menu I took in had ranch dressing and cheese on it.  He is into non processed foods and wants me on 1000 calories not 1500.  It’s going to be touch to calculate everything on my own.  I went back to the plan and I was not able to change my caloric intake so I am going to cancel the membership.  Dr. said you only eat things that you can either”  Grow, Catch or Shoot.  I plan to follow his advice with a couple exceptions.  1)  I will have cheese.  I buy light/low fat anyhow and I don’t eat a ton of it.  Usually a serving a day.  2) I have a hard enough time finding salad dressing I like without giving up the couple that I do.  I only drizzle it anyhow so I will stick with that.  3) I WILL keep grains in my plan.  I only eat 12 or 15 grain bread anyhow.  I cannot remember the last time I had a piece of white bread.  What I eat is loaded with fiber and it is very filling so he just doesn’t need to know right now what I am doing!  I am a salad eater so it’s not really hard to eat right.  I just have decided I am going to create the mentality of “Oh, I dont eat that”  for things I shouldn’t eat like fried items, fast foods, high fat items, etc.  I will have my weekly allotment of 60% cocao chocolate, but I am not having something I should not daily.  Anyhow, we will see how next month’s visit turns out.  They took a ton of blood from me so we will see if that shows anything exciting also!

After that visit I went for my first water therapy session.  This was the initial visit so everything was on land.  Next Friday I have my first in the water session.  I know the therapist as her son and The Princess attend Preschool together.  I really like her and she made me feel comfortable in a situation that I normally would not have been.  I learned a few things.  1)  I have NO left side balance!  2) I have hyper-extension in my joints, thus making me use ligaments and things that should not be used (not my fault, just the way I was made) 3) The FMS is worse than I really admit to myself that it is.  She assured me that continued therapy along with losing some weight will really make me feel better and be able to move the way I used to.

After that The Princess requested we shop at Wegman’s again.  She LOVES the play area and once again, as with every trip there, reminded me to put her socks on!

After there we picked up Wendy’s (salad for myself and Mr. Big), dropped my car off to be inspected where the daddy picked up and the groceries up, then headed home to eat.  As soon as we finished we headed out to the Halloween store.  I did manage to find a wig for the Ariel costume, but no costume to my liking.  I am watching some on Ebay, but I am not sure which I like better:


Costume 2

Costume 3

I like 3 the best, but it has 3 days left and 6 bids already so the chances of getting it without ending up in the poor house are slim!  Anyhow, we also stopped by WalMart and Once Upon a Child to look and came up with nothing.

Once I arrived home, childless as Princess requested to spend the night at Nana’s house, I decided to try out the Resolve High Traffic Foam on the carpet.  Love this stuff!  It took me 2 times of applying and now I am not ashamed of my carpet anymore!  We did have to make a late night run down to the IGA as my old mop head fell off, but it was worth it have a carpet again that I like!  I am going to get a plastic piece for the front door, shoes will be removed no matter how much Mr. Big complains!  Then I am going to get some nice throw rugs for the high traffic areas.  This carpet MUST remain nice for when we sell it!

Saturday my cleaning spree continued as I finished up the livingroom, scrubbed the kitchen counters, swept the kitchen, mopped, then got dressed.  I went to pick up my car and headed to Kohl’s to look for rugs.  I only found a cute one for the kitchen with some cute fruit on it.  And it was on the clearance so they only had one!  Darn!  Then I headed to the bed and bath.  I am fed up with ducks in the bathroom now and wanted something fun, but more grown up.  It too was on clearance!  I got the shower curtain and waste basket because that was all they had.  See them here. I also got a hand towel and fingertip towel to match:  here

I then went up and scrubbed the bathroom and mopped the floor then got all the new things in.

M & J then came over and we headed to Texas Roadhouse to eat.   I had a steak, salad, side of steam veggies and I added the skewer of grilled shrimp.  Afterward we went to the VF outlets  

I bought a couple small things at KB for Christmas, a Fall door hanging, and 2 new drinking cups for the Princess.  We headed home and chatted awhile before they had to leave.

Today I have not done much, well much that I am going to share with anyone, and plan to keep it that way.  Princess tells me her throat hurts and she was a little croupy in the night so her inhaler starts again today.  Thankfully the Asthma Dr. appt is this coming week.  I knew starting school was going to start this back up.  That and the weather has gone from 90 degree summer like days to 50 degree fall days in a flash!

That’s all for now my pretties!!