I am now a Beauti Control Consultant. WHEEE! Check out the website and see if I can do anything for you. If I manage to sell $200 in products in the next 2 days I can get $500 in products with it!! It’s a one time offer so come on gals- you know you need some pampering!!

Visit the website

When the website comes up go over to the far right near the top and find the SHOP NOW button.  Then it will ask you if you have a consultant & if you were referred by a consultant.  Click YES on both.  You do not need a client # or anything to shop, just drop down to the second set of boxes and where it asks for Consultant #put my number in : 1265430 Then click Find consultant and my name will come up.  Click beside my name and then hit continue shopping.  Hopefully this will allow you to shop til you drop!!

I will have my own website once I go to official training, but my friend is coming out to train me soon! YAY!