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A couple pictures from today…Our Mr Pumpkin-heads, Princess before her preschool parade and party, and the entire class photo.


My name using Egyptian Hieroglyphs!

Try your name

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The words uttered from the mouth of Princess upon tasting my bagel with light garden veggie cream cheese.

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Here are the rules…you list 8 random things about you and then tag a few other people to do it, with links to their blog..and leave a comment tht they’ve been tagged…so, here are my 8 random things…

1) I was born in PA, adopted and taken to MI (not so much in that order) at 3 days old and lived there until I was 30. Now I live in PA again- only Eastern instead of Western (where I was born).

2) I was married before for 4 years (almost 5). Most people out here (in PA) do not realize this about me. We got married when I was 25 and the divorce was final just after I turned 30.

3) I met my now husband online in a chat room.

4) My daughter’s name was Savannah for about 4 months of my pregnancy until I fessed up that it was not sitting well with me. Much easier conversation to have then I anticipated. My daughter’s name just popped in my head one day so I think she came to me and told me. 🙂

5) Even though I am adopted, it was still within the family. My mother who raised me was biologically my Aunt, though her and my biological mother were separated in childhood.

6) I have hypermobility in my joints. This makes me do interesting things, but has also caused a lot of pain and even arthritis in some joints. I also have Fibromyalgia which this complicates.

7) I went to high school with the man who plays the father on “Everybody Hates Chris” and also with the band from the 80’s called “Ready for the World” (think Oh, Sheila)

8) I had a poem published when I was 19. I am a poet and I bet ya didn’t know it. hehe

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So I called a local Peds office today to get their fax number to send a release and assessment to.  It was a recording that picked up instead of a person, you know the kind that they tell you what number to press to get to what department.  “To make an Appointment Press 1”  “To speak to our billing department press 2”  and so on.  After option 8 the message continued on to say the following:

If you are not certain of which option to choose or if you have a rotary dial phone, please press Zero.

I fell out of my seat laughing!

The October/November Flickr swap has started and people are now signing up!  Here is a link to the page:  Flickr Swap

This time it is the:

I am excited about this one, more than I was the Red swap.  I love these colors (well, I can do without Silver but it is nice mixed with the other 2 for a winter theme!).  I got some really great things from my Red swap buddy…

Lots of scrapbook things (some of which I used at the Crop this weekend), home made cards, pens, and treats!  And the best part is a made a fantastic new online friend!  But, for me the shopping for red was really hard.  It’s not really one of my colors so it took some doing!  But I loved packing it up to send to my swap buddy and I cannot wait to do it again!

If you have ever considered trying you should do it!  It is a lot of fun!

I am exhausted! I will update more later- had a nap soon after I came home but now I am ready for bed for the night. Pictures of the pages I did can be viewed here– Crop for Cure Weekend Scrap Pages.

I do not know why when I load them here some of the actual picture gets cut off, but you will get the point. A few pages I will add a little to, like the card pages. Then the second book I started (4 pages worked on) needs something added to at least 2 of the pages. I bought some things at and after the crop and when I have time (may be months at this point!) I am going to organize my things better!

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures and I will update much more when I get the chance in the next couple of days!


Thursday was my birthday (last one I am claiming too!).  Here is how my entire day went:

Morning- usual Thursday routine- up, dressed, to Mr Big’s work for check, take Princess to preschool, run by credit union, go to work.

Afternoon- Arrive at work, pull charts for next day, take 4:00ish break to do whatever….

This is where things went array.

Big on phone- On my way to pick up mom to take her to hospital!  Kerry was in an accident! (Kerry is my brother in law)

Call mom, she is in FULL PANIC MODE.  Doesn’t know anything except his work called and told her.  Was it at work or on the way home? I ask.  She doesn’t know. (he works where they rebuild, repair and paint semi trucks and large vehicles like that).

I call ER- get no where and slam phone down on lady.

Call Kerry’s work.  Jackpot.  Someone who knows everything!

He had just left work- turned up 222 North and got about a mile up when a Blazer pulled out in front of him and he slammed into the side of her large blazer (he is in a Toyota Tacoma small truck)  Looks like messed up leg- they are still on the road stabilizing him.

4:50- I make arrangement for someone else to let people in the other 3 appt times and bolt out the door.  But not before I call the MIL back to tell her to calm down he seems to be fine. For all the good that call did.

Anyone ever do downtown traffic onto bypass at 5pm?!?  ugh!  So, my thought was to take another route- which landed me in da hood for a few moments.  I found my bearings and quickly passed people in my path and get to ER door.

Security guard looks up name after thinking I was there for treatment.  (wondered if I looked like I need it?!)  We walk back thru all the locked doors and I am wondering where his room will be.  I see a person laid out on a backboard and head brace at the end of the hall and PRAY it is not Kerry.  Guess what….

So I am first on the scene and go over and stick my face above him.  He is pretty teary eyed and shaking.  He wants off the backboard.  Tells me story and thinks he is ok. Tells me his truck is “toast” and seems choked up about it.  I check out his leg lifting his cut by the paramedics pants.  It looked ok, just red and a couple knots.  This is same leg he had ALS surgery on from damage from playing baseball.  Turned out to be fine.

Dr comes in and checks him over and gets people to help get him off backboard. Kerry told Dr he has a contusion on his back.  I chuckle.  Dr asked if he was a paramedic or firefights?  He said no, why?  Dr said it was just the way he explained his injuries.  Kerry said- well, thats what they told me I had.  LOL People to help get him off the backboard do not arrive before Mother in law does.  Ugh again.  Her, Big and Princess J come racing down hall.  She (mom) freaks at the sight.  Soon he comes off backboard and about an hour later they let him get up to go pee in the cup.

4.5 hours later we get to leave with Kerry in tow.

We go to his house and guy from work I talked to is there and moments later boss come up (he lives behind Kerry).  He is ok but seems tired and still out of it.  I took scissors over to cut his bracelet off and he says to me “thats ok I am going to change soon”  We all cracked up. I said I am not cutting your clothes off!  I want your bracelet!

I headed out soon after to pick up dinner for us at home and wait on B and J to get home.  On the way out of the driveway trying to miss all the vehicles parked every which way I backed into Kerry’s light post!  No damage thankfully!

What a way to end my birthday!!

Friday was a lot calmer once I got grumpy Gerty off my hands.  She went to the Chiropractor with me then we stopped by Nana’s to check in on Uncle Kerry, who Nana had picked up earlier in the morning.  They had about 10 boxes sitting around the kitchen looking for his dead truck’s title!  I left soon after and went to do the weekly grocery shopping.  Put that stuff away and ended up on phone with mom of one of J’s preschool mates.  Then I ran to pick up the preschool fundraiser from where I had left it the last week collecting orders.  Took that money to the bank.  Came home and got that all squared away and started packing.  J and M came over and J and I went out shopping while M and Mr. Big worked on some car things.  We ordered in later in the day and I did a spa on J after dinner.   They left a little later and Big went to bed for work tomorrow.  I am heading to bed soon as tomorrow is my:

CROP FOR A CURE Weekend!!  L. will be here at 8am, we are stopping for breakfast then we are off to crop for over 30 hours…we will sleep of course.  I hope to get an entire scrapbook done!  Actually 2.  I am doing an entire book just for the illness/hospitalization of Princess this past February.  I spent last weekend gathering things for my cases to take along and I printed out the Care Pages and comments from when we were down in Children’s Hospital.  I was crying and a mess.  I still cannot believe we lived what I was reading let along got through it all!  We are blessed and grateful for all the support we had at that time and beyond.

Off to bed now!  I shall return Sunday night!

I am putting in my first order for Beauti Control this weekend.  I am stocking up on some things I will need to do my first Relaxation Spas!  I am doing 4 of them on the weekend of October 20th!  I am praying people actually show up!!  Then on the weekend of November 10th I am heading out to Greensburg to do a show for that side of my family and heading to the Beauti-U training the next day.  Once I am at the training I will place the orders for anything anyone wants from now until then.  So, whatever you would like to order please just email me the item, item number and how much you want.  I will send you the total due and you can give it to me (or mail it to me of course) then I will order it that weekend and ship it out to you as soon as I get it.  If you are not local you just have to pay the normal shipping costs ($3.00 per person no matter how much you order!) and I will take care of the shipping to you!  If you happen to order $100 or more in products I will give you free shipping plus 10% off the entire order.  Oh, and I will include a free item from my goodie basket that I made up today!  Once I am more established I can give much larger incentives for ordering and booking parties, but I need to have customers first!!  Remember, if you are close to me but still long distance (this would be a 5 hour or less driving range) please remember I will be willing to come and personally hold a Spa Escape for you and your friends!  I will be offering themed spas also.  Chocolate lovers, party spas (where we have drinks with our fun!), pajama spas (though most of my spas will be PJ spas as I plan to host them in my PJs), and anything else you would like to have I am willing to do.  Please keep in mind the holidays are coming and what a better gift then something to pamper yourself with!

Visit the website here:  BEAUTI CONTROL  and the follow the directions as listed below.

When the website comes up go over to the far right near the top and find the SHOP NOW button.  Then it will ask you if you have a consultant & if you were referred by a consultant.  Click YES on both.  You do not need a client # or anything to shop, just drop down to the second set of boxes and where it asks for Consultant #put my number in : 1265430 Then click Find consultant and my name will come up.  Click beside my name and then hit continue shopping.  Hopefully this will allow you to shop til you drop!!

Let me know if I can be of any help!


The annual wedding dress pictures are in there, but she was less than cooperative for most of the shoot.  I have one good close up and that is about it.  I picked a day I knew she was tired but I am so limited on time these days I had to get it in!  I had the dress laying on the sofa for over a week waiting!

Then there are pictures I took the morning of picture day at school.  Some really cute poses in there plus her curly hair looks so darn cute!

That is it for October so far- but the month is young!


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