Pictures from New York City trip – click here

When we arrived at the stop in NYC we were greeted by LOADS of vendors. The bus driver warned us they were selling knock offs of handbags, watches (Rolex), sunglasses, etc. A ton of people on the bus took advantage of the handbag prices. My friend picked up one for $25! (she bargained with him). I am going to be sure to have enough spending money next time to get hooked up with a few of them!

Anyhow, once we got thru all the people putting items in our faces, we immediately went to the security check in for the Ferry to Liberty Island. It was a long process, but neat to go through seeing you hear so much about how tight security is- no one is kidding when they say that! We stayed on Liberty Island for a little while for pictures and to stare in awe at the Statue of Liberty. We decided not to go inside but to head over to Ellis Island instead.

Let me interrupt the story here and say I do NOT like ferry trips on choppy water. Especially getting on and off a boat rocking so hard even the docking platform is moving up and down when you are on it. Ick!

Ellis Island was neat. We looked for several last names on the wall over there and I found several from family and friends names (as noted in some pictures). I did not take pictures of every name but it was so neat to look at!

We then headed back on the ferry to the city. I stopped and got my vendor hot dog on the way to the bus. We waited about 5 minutes for the bus to pull up. The plan was to walk over to Ground Zero but we did not have enough time until we were going to be bused over to Bryant Park. We did drive by it twice though. The driver told us how he was there the Saturday before then he did a trip in soon after and it was so odd for it to be gone.

We were dropped off near 42 Street (cue the song) and headed to Times Square from there. I was just soaking in the tall buildings, people and all the sites. I kept lagging behind. The one part of the trip no one in the party of 8 we were in liked was that we were rushing so much to get things in. I now understand what a New York minute means! The time Flew by!!

We went into the Toy R Us there- very cool. 3 levels with a ferris wheel inside. We were only here 15 minutes and everyone planned to meet right back outside. We then headed towards Rockefeller center. We headed to the “top of the roc” which took us to the observation deck of the 67th floor. I took many pictures up there of NYC and the Empire State Bldg.

Once we were done we took a vote on where to eat. No one had a preference so we decided to head back toward where we would be picked up and find something along the way. Very shortly we passed a little restaurant and looked at the menu in the window. Prices were reasonable and sounded good so we went in.

It turned out to be Ted’s Montana Grill

It is a 99% plastic free restaurant. Everything that can be used from recycled products is- even the straws! They specialize in Bison, which is a healthy alternative to beef, though I chose the beef. It was a good time and really good food. I will go there again for sure!

We then headed back to the bus- stuffed to the gills. Along the way a couple people in our group negotiated good prices on those knock off handbags. We waited in Bryant Park and saw some interesting people. The bus arrived and we headed home. On the way out of the city we could see, and the bus driver slowed to do announce (as he has every trip since 9-11) the New York City skyline at night. It was fantastic to see.

I cannot wait for a trip back! We plan to go on the Spring and have much more time there. I am hoping Ms. B can join me as she has stated she wants to. Maybe she and I can meet for a show there sometime before then for a girl’s night!