I am putting in my first order for Beauti Control this weekend.  I am stocking up on some things I will need to do my first Relaxation Spas!  I am doing 4 of them on the weekend of October 20th!  I am praying people actually show up!!  Then on the weekend of November 10th I am heading out to Greensburg to do a show for that side of my family and heading to the Beauti-U training the next day.  Once I am at the training I will place the orders for anything anyone wants from now until then.  So, whatever you would like to order please just email me the item, item number and how much you want.  I will send you the total due and you can give it to me (or mail it to me of course) then I will order it that weekend and ship it out to you as soon as I get it.  If you are not local you just have to pay the normal shipping costs ($3.00 per person no matter how much you order!) and I will take care of the shipping to you!  If you happen to order $100 or more in products I will give you free shipping plus 10% off the entire order.  Oh, and I will include a free item from my goodie basket that I made up today!  Once I am more established I can give much larger incentives for ordering and booking parties, but I need to have customers first!!  Remember, if you are close to me but still long distance (this would be a 5 hour or less driving range) please remember I will be willing to come and personally hold a Spa Escape for you and your friends!  I will be offering themed spas also.  Chocolate lovers, party spas (where we have drinks with our fun!), pajama spas (though most of my spas will be PJ spas as I plan to host them in my PJs), and anything else you would like to have I am willing to do.  Please keep in mind the holidays are coming and what a better gift then something to pamper yourself with!

Visit the website here:  BEAUTI CONTROL  and the follow the directions as listed below.

When the website comes up go over to the far right near the top and find the SHOP NOW button.  Then it will ask you if you have a consultant & if you were referred by a consultant.  Click YES on both.  You do not need a client # or anything to shop, just drop down to the second set of boxes and where it asks for Consultant #put my number in : 1265430 Then click Find consultant and my name will come up.  Click beside my name and then hit continue shopping.  Hopefully this will allow you to shop til you drop!!

Let me know if I can be of any help!