Thursday was my birthday (last one I am claiming too!).  Here is how my entire day went:

Morning- usual Thursday routine- up, dressed, to Mr Big’s work for check, take Princess to preschool, run by credit union, go to work.

Afternoon- Arrive at work, pull charts for next day, take 4:00ish break to do whatever….

This is where things went array.

Big on phone- On my way to pick up mom to take her to hospital!  Kerry was in an accident! (Kerry is my brother in law)

Call mom, she is in FULL PANIC MODE.  Doesn’t know anything except his work called and told her.  Was it at work or on the way home? I ask.  She doesn’t know. (he works where they rebuild, repair and paint semi trucks and large vehicles like that).

I call ER- get no where and slam phone down on lady.

Call Kerry’s work.  Jackpot.  Someone who knows everything!

He had just left work- turned up 222 North and got about a mile up when a Blazer pulled out in front of him and he slammed into the side of her large blazer (he is in a Toyota Tacoma small truck)  Looks like messed up leg- they are still on the road stabilizing him.

4:50- I make arrangement for someone else to let people in the other 3 appt times and bolt out the door.  But not before I call the MIL back to tell her to calm down he seems to be fine. For all the good that call did.

Anyone ever do downtown traffic onto bypass at 5pm?!?  ugh!  So, my thought was to take another route- which landed me in da hood for a few moments.  I found my bearings and quickly passed people in my path and get to ER door.

Security guard looks up name after thinking I was there for treatment.  (wondered if I looked like I need it?!)  We walk back thru all the locked doors and I am wondering where his room will be.  I see a person laid out on a backboard and head brace at the end of the hall and PRAY it is not Kerry.  Guess what….

So I am first on the scene and go over and stick my face above him.  He is pretty teary eyed and shaking.  He wants off the backboard.  Tells me story and thinks he is ok. Tells me his truck is “toast” and seems choked up about it.  I check out his leg lifting his cut by the paramedics pants.  It looked ok, just red and a couple knots.  This is same leg he had ALS surgery on from damage from playing baseball.  Turned out to be fine.

Dr comes in and checks him over and gets people to help get him off backboard. Kerry told Dr he has a contusion on his back.  I chuckle.  Dr asked if he was a paramedic or firefights?  He said no, why?  Dr said it was just the way he explained his injuries.  Kerry said- well, thats what they told me I had.  LOL People to help get him off the backboard do not arrive before Mother in law does.  Ugh again.  Her, Big and Princess J come racing down hall.  She (mom) freaks at the sight.  Soon he comes off backboard and about an hour later they let him get up to go pee in the cup.

4.5 hours later we get to leave with Kerry in tow.

We go to his house and guy from work I talked to is there and moments later boss come up (he lives behind Kerry).  He is ok but seems tired and still out of it.  I took scissors over to cut his bracelet off and he says to me “thats ok I am going to change soon”  We all cracked up. I said I am not cutting your clothes off!  I want your bracelet!

I headed out soon after to pick up dinner for us at home and wait on B and J to get home.  On the way out of the driveway trying to miss all the vehicles parked every which way I backed into Kerry’s light post!  No damage thankfully!

What a way to end my birthday!!

Friday was a lot calmer once I got grumpy Gerty off my hands.  She went to the Chiropractor with me then we stopped by Nana’s to check in on Uncle Kerry, who Nana had picked up earlier in the morning.  They had about 10 boxes sitting around the kitchen looking for his dead truck’s title!  I left soon after and went to do the weekly grocery shopping.  Put that stuff away and ended up on phone with mom of one of J’s preschool mates.  Then I ran to pick up the preschool fundraiser from where I had left it the last week collecting orders.  Took that money to the bank.  Came home and got that all squared away and started packing.  J and M came over and J and I went out shopping while M and Mr. Big worked on some car things.  We ordered in later in the day and I did a spa on J after dinner.   They left a little later and Big went to bed for work tomorrow.  I am heading to bed soon as tomorrow is my:

CROP FOR A CURE Weekend!!  L. will be here at 8am, we are stopping for breakfast then we are off to crop for over 30 hours…we will sleep of course.  I hope to get an entire scrapbook done!  Actually 2.  I am doing an entire book just for the illness/hospitalization of Princess this past February.  I spent last weekend gathering things for my cases to take along and I printed out the Care Pages and comments from when we were down in Children’s Hospital.  I was crying and a mess.  I still cannot believe we lived what I was reading let along got through it all!  We are blessed and grateful for all the support we had at that time and beyond.

Off to bed now!  I shall return Sunday night!