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Here are the rules…you list 8 random things about you and then tag a few other people to do it, with links to their blog..and leave a comment tht they’ve been tagged…so, here are my 8 random things…

1) I was born in PA, adopted and taken to MI (not so much in that order) at 3 days old and lived there until I was 30. Now I live in PA again- only Eastern instead of Western (where I was born).

2) I was married before for 4 years (almost 5). Most people out here (in PA) do not realize this about me. We got married when I was 25 and the divorce was final just after I turned 30.

3) I met my now husband online in a chat room.

4) My daughter’s name was Savannah for about 4 months of my pregnancy until I fessed up that it was not sitting well with me. Much easier conversation to have then I anticipated. My daughter’s name just popped in my head one day so I think she came to me and told me. 🙂

5) Even though I am adopted, it was still within the family. My mother who raised me was biologically my Aunt, though her and my biological mother were separated in childhood.

6) I have hypermobility in my joints. This makes me do interesting things, but has also caused a lot of pain and even arthritis in some joints. I also have Fibromyalgia which this complicates.

7) I went to high school with the man who plays the father on “Everybody Hates Chris” and also with the band from the 80’s called “Ready for the World” (think Oh, Sheila)

8) I had a poem published when I was 19. I am a poet and I bet ya didn’t know it. hehe

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