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I “graduated” from my Beauti U training and this is now my official title:

Certified BeautiControl Independent Consultant

And..I have my own web page!! View it HERE: WEB PAGE

There are some holiday sales going on! You can now buy right off of my web page! Please visit and leave me some feedback on how you like it.

If you don’t mind too much and have a blog of your own, a small shout out would be much appreciated!

Now I am off to prepare for the spa I have scheduled for tonight!


My very first “business trip” for my Beauti Control “job”  I am hoarding every receipt I get from the coffee at Turkey Hill in the morning until my fill up again once I get home on Sunday.  The joy of being an independent consultant!!  I have a Spa to do at my sis’ house on Friday night and there are about 15 ladies coming- ACK!!!  How in the world am I going to take care of 30 feet!!  I think I will do the “normal” way a relaxation spa is supposed to go and just do two feet on the Hostess (said sister) and everyone else only will get one foot.  This is supposed to be the selling point to get them to book a spa of their own, well, that and the wonderful aromatherapy neck wrap that Only a Hostess can get!

Oh, AND The great discount on the products you get being a hostess!  –so, anyone want to book a spa???— I Have some GREAT sales going on so feel free to check out the website and let me know if you would like anything (sales are not on the site, but basically anything in a set is on sale plus the Sugar Cookie Show of Hands is on sale too!)…or if you want to have a spa to try lots of great products for free!!  You know this momma always has a 3 day weekend so I am willing to travel!  Christmas is coming..great gifts are a plenty at Beauti Control!

So, anyhow, then I have a training day on Saturday in G-burg.  All day!  ugh.  But, I will get some new hints and tips to get this thing not only off the ground (I have done that all alone!) but Flying!!

Saturday night is Girls Only Night Out!!  I am feeling mexican for the night!  Give me two pina coladas…I want one for each hand…sing with me!!!

Sunday I plan to sleep in and then head back home.  Miss me!  Call me or email if you have any questions for me and/or products!  Don’t be shy- give it a try.  This is NOT your ordinary product demo!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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