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She was fine at the end, she banged her knee and you know, she must drama queen out when anything happens!


Alvin & the Chipmunks

5 buckets of popcorn.  It was TOO cute and made me so nostalgic at times!  A tiny bit predictable with the “bad guy” but very easy to watch, no boring parts, Loads of laughs.  Belly laughs from a 4 year old are the best!  Many laugh out loud moments.  SO glad I listened to real people reviews instead of the critic reviews!!

I have pictures on Shutterfly. This link should get you there: Christmas 2007

No pictures details yet, but they start with the giving of the new Cinderella Vanity, which we did on December 19th, to avoid overwhelming the poor girl with too many “big” items on Christmas morning, then we move on to the Celebration at Preschool, then Christmas Eve here at the house with Nana, Uncle Kerry and Mom-Mom. Then Christmas morning (early!) and finally a few karate poses and posing with Buck-dog cousin over at Uncle Kerry’s house. I also have videos loaded, but I need to load them over at You Tube then link them. I will work on that some time this weekend.

We had a fun, not really stressful at all, time the whole time. We all received and gave very nice gifts with minimal returns.

Note to gift givers: If you are rail thin and have been all your life, do not try to guess the size of a fat person. Really, buying me a large when I likely wear anywhere from an XL to a 2Xl depending on the fit is NOT flattering to me and more likely, offensive. Go with something that fits everyone, a gift card to that store -or- if that is too impersonal for you go with something that can always be used. Clothing is just not something you should buy someone unless you 100% know their size, style, color preference and ability to wear certain fabrics. Also, when buying clothes for the smaller humans in the family you may want to ask a size instead of guessing. Buying little Suzy a size 8 when Suzy is half that size is a waste. We COULD put the things away, but how do we know little Suzy will be in that size when winter comes that particular year? Just ask- or go with a toy instead.

End of lessson.

On to the ringing in of the New Year festivities!

The 26 letters of the alphabet (and then some) in 25 seconds!

So, we bought a compact, digital video camera in the summer of 2005 when I was doing the work from home thing and worked the ShopNBC line.  It was a killer price BUT we never figured out how to fully use it. Well, seeing the old camcorder just refuses to work at ALL anymore and I am tired of missing out taping things, I decided to really dig into figuring this one out. So, I pulled off some videos that were on it, put them on my computer and even got a couple of them on You Tube. This one is a call from Santa. Remember, Princess is 2 years old here. I am excited to keep learning about my camera and sharing more videos! I feel sad and pathetic that it took this long!! Enjoy!!

First Christmas 2003 -6 months old

Christmas Time 2004 -18 months

Christmas Time 2005- 2.5 years old

Christmas 2006- 3.5 years old

Christmas pic from this year that I used on one of the cards  2007 4.5 years old (tomorrow!!)

(the red eye reducation made a couple of her red nails blue LOL)


Dr. at 4:45

Asking for codeine to go with the antibiotic I know I will get so I can sleep

Finish shopping in Eckerd while I wait for scripts


I was dropped off the Top Momma site last night.  The thing is, I had more clicks and referrals than the others who started the same time as I did, so I don’t get the “rules”  I think they must move things around as they please instead of actually going by clicks, that is the only thing I can figure out.  Oh well, it was a fun couple days!

Your Holiday Stress Level Is Low

You take it easy over the holidays, and you only take on what you can handle.
You know the holidays are about celebrating and fun – not standing in line at the mall!

I'm a Top Mommma!

KEEP CLICKING FOR ME!!!  I am moving down the list now.  Click. Click. Click.!!  Thanks!! 

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