I have not been a good blogger!  I have not found a lot of time to sit and write and I definitely cannot do one of those blog everyday challenges.  I have NO Idea how anyone can do that!  I have been busy with work, the little girl, and my second “job” which is not like a job at all, but it does take up a lot of time.

I do *something* regarding Beauti Control every single day.  Either order, check orders, sort and deliver orders, check the message board to help other consultants out or ask for help, type up hostess letters and invitations, confirm and talk to the hostess about upcoming Spa Escapes, pack up a traveling bag with instructions to drop off to someone or some place for everyone to try things out, do emails to promote, etc etc.  Then I get to sit and wonder why I do not hear a single word back from some people who I would think would want to, at the very least, ask me more questions about what I am doing, yet they totally have ignored the fact that I have even started up this new chapter in my life.  I guess all I can do it try and wait.

Otherwise, life has been rather uneventful.  BUSY, but uneventful.  I can say that I need someone to Clean.My.House.  Oy!  This schedule is really taking its toll on things.  I don’t even keep things picked up and put away to the extreme that I am used to anymore let alone keep everything as clean as I should.  I am thinking I may take some extra earnings that I will hopefully make this next weekend and call up one of the moms from my local group who has a cleaning business on the side.  I will see how much extra I have and ask her what I can get done for that much!  Honestly, I feel lost it is so far past the point that I feel I can fix it!!  Heck, I have not even used my new vacuum yet!!  It’s sad.  So sad.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain which will mix with snow and ice.  We are going to decorate for Christmas I think so that is even more mess.  But, I am thinking maybe it will be the motivation and reason to get things a little more organized then they are now.  And there is still Halloween bins in the hallway, some at the attic door and yet some more on the rolling stand downstairs that will go up once the Christmas things come down.   I will try to report back soon as to how everything looks at the end of tomorrow!

Next weekend is a busy one.  Friday is Mr. Bigs work party in KOP, Saturday I have a Spa out in Allentown with a ton of Jamie’s co-workers, Sunday I have a Spa in Kutztown with a college gal and her friends.  They are doing a cookie swap and I wanted to have some cut outs made to join in, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen unless Princess J and I can manage to get some of them done next Friday, but I am totally not counting on it.

OK, I am going to stop this post for now and so some shorter one with one subject each for catching up more.  That will make it easier on anyone who may read it- if everyone has not given up reading my blog by now!!