Today we took Princess J and her Prince (Mr. M) out to Dutch Wonderland.  It is about a 40 minute trip out there.  On the way out they were playing with gloves, etc and M started to tell J about the praying mantis eggs they found in the Christmas tree they cut today.  He was going on and on about what they did with them, where they put them, etc.  She kept playing and he said “I think we need to talk about this”  Then as we got closer they decided they were going to jump off rides and chop the butts off of people.  (who knows!).  It was a very cold trip.  M wanted to leave very soon after we were there.  He toughed it out for his woman and they rode everything they (she) wanted to.  We then headed over to Pizza Hut for dinner where they both ate like no one had fed them in days.  Back in the car on the way home they did knock knock jokes that went something like this:

Knock knock, who’s there, orange, orange who?, Are you wearing a diaper under your pants?  followed by screams of laughter.   Then one would say “I Have a really funny one!” and proceed with much the same nonsense as above.

Then Princess said to her Prince “Give me a kiss”  He said, “do you want to see the eggs when we get to my house or not?”  she said yes, he said “well then no!”  She said “come on silly boy, give me a kiss”  (insert oh my God what will we do when she is a teenager thoughts right about here) He said no again.  She said “ok then, after I see the eggs then we can kiss”  Had he kissed her as she was leaning in to his seat we would have had a 4 and an almost 5 year old in the backseat making out on the way home.  I simply cannot wait until they are teenagers and will die of embarrassment when these stories are brought up.  And I sure hope we don’t all end up getting phone calls when they start Kindergarten together next year that start off with “do you know what J and M were doing today?”  I did make the comment to Mr. Big after said conversation “OMG she is a ho!”  It was a pretty funny ride that is for sure.  They were both pretty good too minus the “stop screaming in the car” warnings, oh 50 times!!  Did they scream and carry on outside in the park?  NO!  Of course not!  Will add a photo later!