We have a pre-lit Christmas tree, which to most people would be awesome, to me, not so much.  I think it said 400 lights when I got it, I cannot remember.  In my opinion, 400 lights on a 7 foot tree is like frosting only half the cake.  So we add 4 strands of 100 lights.  This is Mr Bigs job, not mine.  So- he did his part and left to go pick up J so we can decorate it.  I was in the process of putting all my Peanuts light ornaments on (you plug them into one of the little light sockets on the tree and that makes them light and/or move) when the power went out- or so I thought.  I headed back over to the bins to unpack the other ornaments and noticed the kitchen light was on.  Huh?  I guess my 800 lights, the TV plus the electric energy saver heater we had going must have been too much.  So, now I sit and wait for them to return so Mr. Fix it can, well, Fix It!!

I think I have that tune of the 12 pains of Christmas in my head now.