The same day I post that nothing eventful has happened someone almost eventful happened!  I was cooking supper last night and had chicken baking.  I opened up the oven about 10 minutes after I put it in to see a fire in the bottom of the oven.  I calmly called to Mr Big that the oven was on fire.  His response: “What!!!??”  It was small and did not look threatening so I was not even panicked about it.  Princess J came out with him.  It turned out to be something that had spilled over (no idea what!) was burning off.  In the meantime P.J. said “I am outta here” and took off for the livingroom.  Some good she is in a crisis!  It went out on its own and life was well.  We just have to get some Easy Off soon.  For whatever reason I cannot make the self cleaning oven self clean!