What I have in the house is almost wrapped.  I have one gift to do (non J gift) and one birthday gift to do.  I also have my Kohls.com order on its way so that means another birthday gift (one for each day of next weekend) and some other Christmas items.  I also found out while wrapping that I have to ship something back to Overstock.com.  The one flaw in online shopping- the returns!  I bought J a Spongebob DVD player on “cyber Monday” for a good price, free shipping and on Bill Me Later.  Well, it is not portable.  I was not thinking and I guess I just assumed it could be.  So, it will go back and I need to look for something else.  I don’t know what to get now though.  We have a portable DVD player but it never stayed plugged in right to the car adapter.  I am wondering if we should just buy the new plug and get an extension to try it out or just go with a brand new one that includes it all.  I remember looking on the website for a new plug and they were seriously half of what we paid for the entire player!  Anyhow, off to shop a little now.