Well, I have to have a disclaimer here…I do not *think* anyone I work with reads this, but if they do remember, this is my private information, personal blog and I would appreciate being the one to say anything about it first- IF I CHOOSE TO DO SO!

OK, so we have a new Director starting and we are all excited about her. She seems wonderful, so let’s hope it all works out! The biggest thing I was told – well, biggest thing that impacts me personally- is that she was stunned we run the front office with 2 people. Jenny, who does all the billing PLUS things too numerous to even start listing, works 8-4 and then myself who works 1:30-7ish. That’s it. When Jenny will be out I try to get there a little early, neighbor availability willing. When I need to be out and I know it ahead, I check with Jen and she covers for me, which means she works 8-7ish. So, the new director says we are way understaffed and need more people in there to run a lot more smooth. Of course, Jen and I are good and we think it IS pretty smooth! But, at the same time we agree that we need help. We have grown SO much this last year that Jenny is needed to be the full time biller and basically not a lot of anything else. No one can even comprehend all that goes into billing ONE person – especially if there happens to be some sort of issue with the insurance company- unless you have done it. So, that means a person in the daytime to cover the office and do the daytime work, plus anything that does not pertain to billing. That would be me. Mind you, I did not plan to start working days until J is in school full-time. But, I have always tried to make myself available to what they need me to do. For instance, I started as a mom needing to get out of the house and worked 3:30-7:30. Then, things changed, so in the summer I added 2 hours to my day and now start at 1:30. So much for a SAHM just getting out of the house LOL! So, now that they will need someone much sooner than my planned starting time 2 things can happen. I can try to make some sort of arrangement with my neighbor to come over at 9:30 Mon-Thurs mornings and then I can start at 10am (she is a crossing guard so she gets home then). She can then run J to school and Nana can still pick her up. I can then start picking her up from Nana on my way home. So, I would have very little morning time with her, but I will have the entire evening. My assumption would be I would work 10-4. Seeing they are a non-profit and I am budgeted in for 24 hours a week. That is the other thing- will I get budgeted for more hours? Will the move up to daytime come with an increase-or will that wait until my anniversary date? Will I get a new title seeing Jenny will become the biller? Will she still carry the Office Manager title? If not, will that me my title? And if so will that come with an increase? Not that I have anyone to manage LOL! And then they will get someone PT in the evenings, I assume back to the 3:30 start time. I don’t really need anyone there with me before that, not now at least. And I would just overlap them by a half hour once they are able to be alone at night. And we will likely start to open some Fridays also. And maybe even a weekend now and then if they find a therapist who is willing. That is the other thing she needs to do (the Director) find some new staff. We *need* them! Should I consider trying to do this now-or soon at least. Or, should I wait until summer when J is out of school until Fall? That is another thing, when Fall comes I will have to drive her to school, unless we have moved to a bus area by then. I will assume my start time can stay at the 10 then, but I don’t have any idea what time she will have to be picked up at school. Will 3:30 (when MIL or Mr. Big) be ok for someone to be there? My only hope will be that Neighbor quits her crossing guard job-which she has threatened to do for the last several seasons!! I *am* going to soon pull her over here and chat with her about things, what she can and will do, etc.

I am then going to ask for a meeting with my managing Director (not the new one- my “boss” I guess – I have so many!!). I am going to tell her all these things that are bothering me. They have never been less than accomodating to my needs as a mother, but I don’t know what to expect to come. I worry if I cannot meet the needs of the time frame to move up in time than I can possibly lose the opportunity, though I have been assured I will not. BUT- there is always a but, isn’t there? There is one more little tidbit to throw into this equation……

I went up to the place I worked before I had J (and while pregnant). The place I was *going* to go back to part time, but that is another post for another time. Anyhow, I was approached by the woman who now runs the department that I used to work in. She is awesome and we always got along. She appreciates a stellar employ when she meets one 🙂 Anyhow, she wants me to come back. She asked me what I would think of it *should* something open. I told her the travel time would be a plus compared to what I do now (25 minutes now, barely 5 minutes there). However, this place offers no, and I mean NO, flexibility. They pay well, good insurance, grand bonus in May, free amusement park in Sept for the picnic, decent people to work with, but you have to have a “day” available to take a day off. If you are sick you must bring a Dr note in saying you were sick (I am not one to run to the Dr all the time). Child sick? Too bad basically. Don’t run one moment late. Don’t leave 5 minutes early because you are stopping at the store for something the office needs. (like I do now). Punch in one minute late you better have some kind of note in your hand. I guess they HAVE to be this way with a total of 4000++ employees, but one would think they would use different rules for Office staff vs Production staff. Its two different worlds. I told her maybe when J is 12 and can walk home alone, not have in class parties and field trips, etc. Now, I need to be available for my child. I know one of the moms who works there and her child goes to Pre-K where J does, well, she is NEVER at any of the shows, parties, field trips, dad comes instead. I can’t miss that with my only child. So, I thought the conversation was over until I was getting ready to leave and talking to someone else around the corner and she came back around and AGAIN told me she wants me back. *sigh* I don’t know. I think when I have that meeting I will discuss it with my boss to see if she can tell me I can miss that opportunity and have a greater one waiting for me by staying where I am. Then again, what if she tells me to go! (not that she will, but I am a tad on the paranoid side).

So, my dilemma. How much of this should I share during the meeting? All of it? Lay it all out? Is it OK to ask for an increase? I have to mention, they are very generous as it is so I do not want to seem greedy, but to be offered a full time job with benefits, I know in my head what I could make there. I see that house we want being easily attainable by moving on and making more money. But, will I be happy having missed some important days on the school calendar? Will we be able to take time off to use some of that extra money I would earn? There are SO many pros and cons I can’t see straight!

Any opinions I would truly appreciate!