Today the preschool mid-year reviews came home.  My baby did so well!  She had the equivelent of straight A’s!!- Actually some A+ as she knew the extra shapes that they don’t *have* to know for this assessment.  There was only one circle and I plan to ask about it tomorrow.  “knows all of her classmates names”  HELLO?  We hear about them ALL.THE.TIME!!!  Then there were a few things not assessed and marked that they are working on that next term.  Well, all of them waiting to be worked on she knows!  I am so happy for her.  Oh, I know, one is “Put together an 8 piece puzzle”  HA!  My baby is doing 100 pieces alone and they are going to assess an 8 piece.  She will put them to shame LOL!  I can’t wait to talk to the moms to see how everyone done. I am just so happy with this Preschool and how far all these kids have come.  It’s wonderful!