On Saturday when we went to Hershey we were all very bundled up, therefore, did not require a coat in the car.  However, that changed once we arrived and got out on the bitter, cutting cold.  We had all our things ready in the back of Mr Big’s truck.  Princess had got herself out of her seat and was on her knees watching us gather everything up.  She was more than impatient when she told her daddy “Come on daddy, I am not getting any younger!”  Where she picks things up we just do not know!  This is after she had us cracking up so bad we were in tears as she was practicing her songs for the Christmas program on Thursday.  Apparently singing the line: one horse open sleigh is far harder than we think!  The good news, the ABC song was done *PERFECT* complete with LMNOP no longer being one letter!  *we are so proud!*