I was bumped off already.  Odd thing, I had quadruple the number of clicks as last time and a TON more of the referrals because I posted the referral # this time, yet I was off in less than a day.  Last time I was gone in a little over 24 hours and had more clicks than someone who started with me and had less clicks.

This time I decided to be a greasy wheel and asked about it.  I was told it was a logarhythm method.  Sounds like bad birth control to me, but whatever.  Basically, if you get a lot of clicks at once you will be bumped off before someone who gets them steady all day.  Funny thing, I was clicking and referring most of the day, not everyone who did it read the email at the SAME TIME and did it, I know of at least 2 other people (thanks!) who were clicking on and off all day.

So, it is clear to me this is more of a “this is my site and I will do what I want” more than it is a fun competition, so I am done.  No more submissions for me.  I have found some great blogs on there, but to be honest, for the most part they blogs are the pay to blogs.  I am thinking this is why they stay up.  I never, either time, had a chance to put up a new Beauti Control blog for people clicking on it to see.

I am disappointed in this but I will live.  Sometimes people who are the ones on the grand stand making all the decisions do not stop to consider the feelings of others.  I am glad I am not the person on the stand then.