For a little taste of spring.  I was thinking about flowers and what my favorites are.  Here is my top 3 list.

I Love peach roses.  I love roses in general, however, I do not love how long they last.  They are only gorgeous for a few days!  I mostly love them in a nice wide top vase with TONS of baby’s breath surrounding them. 

I really love tulips in the spring.  I have planted them all over my little flower garden and down the border wall in the front yard, but they seemed to have stopped coming up last season.  I think some daffodils choked them out.  Tulips always need to grow outside, never in a vase. 

Last is the lilac.  It so reminds me of waking up at home as a kid, in the warm summer morning, with no cares and smelling the scent that the breeze was carrying through the house.  I can never smell that scent and not go back to that time. 

So, leave me comments, join me during this winter break and let me know what YOUR favorite flower(s) are.

Back to our regularly scheduled winter.