I am off to do a Spa tonight.  I have not had one in nearly a month (holiday time I did not schedule them) and I am a little nervous. I MUST start trying to recruit but I always feel kind of silly about how to approach what to say.  This is rebate month, but I don’t know that it will do much good to have to pay and wait for the money back and it is only IF this, this and this all happen.  I think in March they do $99 which I plan to hit a few people up with since most get taxes back by then.  I sure hope someone at this one and my one on Sunday schedule spas.  I am so grateful for the gal tonight.  This is the 3rd time she has opened her home to me.  I can safely call her my best customer.  And since she will not read this until after the Spa, I can say, she is going to be well rewarded tonight for being so kind.  🙂

Anyhow, even though I slept ok, I went to sleep later than usual and got up at the same time.  I have a cold and/or another sinus infection starting, so I am worried about pulling my energy together to be excited and energetic tonight.  Especially for that hard sell person. I have one at every spa I have had.  sigh.

Hopefully I will feel better and not worse for the Spa on Sunday.  Also, hoping the weather holds up for it.

I plan to *really* start pushing you gals (near and far) into hosting some spas for me since spring is going to soon be approaching!  Plus, I am really up for some road trips!!