So, Mr. Big came into the room with the Princess and I showed him the Care Page about the post below and told him he had passed.  Princess asked who he was so I told her his name but did not say anymore.  She said to me: Mommy, people should not die until they get big and are old. Little kids don’t die.  I said, That is right honey-they shouldn’t.   She said, I hope I don’t die for a long time.  *sigh* I told her she was going to live to be 100!!

Mr. Big grabbed her and held her tight for a few minutes.  We could not help but go back to about a year ago when we were the ones updating everyone from the hospital on the same Care Pages that we read this terrible news from.  The good news is we were blessed and all those millions of prayers that came in for us were answered.  I wish the same could happen for everyone with a sick child!!