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Do you all know how much you RAWK!!

I'm a Top Mommma!

I have been there over a week now!! I guess I best start posting worthwhile tidbits and directing folks to my Beauti Page! Thanks for the help everyone!!

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Persistence does pay off!

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 I am still going….keep on clicking!  You guys all rock who keep clicking me!


I'm a Top Mommma!

So I was tagged over at CowGal Land to do 7 random things about me.

1.  I was adopted and met my birth family when they contacted me when I was 30 years old.  I got the call on the very same day that my (now) husband’s father died.  Mr.  Big was in Michigan with me at the time so I drove back to PA with him, which was odd since my birth family is in PA also.

2.  I have hypermobility and just found out about 6 months ago.  One would think this would have been diagnosed MUCH earlier in life.  In any case, it is not a good thing and has caused my knees to hurt much of the time as well as have some arthritis in them.  This could also explain why I have Fibromyalgia.

3.  I was married for over 4 years in what I like to call my “former life” and we were together from the time I was 20-30 years old.

4.  I lost a baby with above mentioned person.  It happened on Friday May 13th and I was 13 weeks along.  I had a feeling I was having a boy so we named him Noah, but also said in case it was a girl we would call her Eve.  We did this after reading a book called “I’ll hold you in Heaven”

5.  I cry at every milestone and special even that happens to my child.  I am a huge sap and even cried the first time we took her to see Sesame Street Live.  I just love watching her excitement and seeing things through her innocent (ha!) eyes.

6.  I love rocking out to heavy metal/hair band type music and love it as loud as it can get.

7.  I really wish I could work up the nerve to do exciting things like parachute out of an airplane, but I won’t even fly so I don’t ever see that happening!

The Rules:

Now I’m going to tag some friends to join in on the fun…here are the rules, for those that want to join in.

*     Link to me…cause I like that!

*     Post theses stellar rules on your meme post

*     Share seven random things about you…or as many as you like.

*     Tag seven other fun loving blog friends that need something to write about!

I am going to tag:

Nancy  (computer acting up…will continue later!)

I am trying to add a button to my sidebar.  The theme I have tells me my side bars are able to be customized, but I cannot find any of the widgets that allow a link to put the button on the side bar!  Help someone!

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I'm a Top Mommma!

I stole this from over at Fragile Flower. I thought it was funny and have thought his back up dancer was a hottie for years..guess that qualifies me as a nerd LOL!

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