So, where would any of you fine readers suggest going for day trips, on the weekend, and adults only? In the interest of actually getting to talk to each other for more than an hour a day (which is about it, unless you count the “reminder” phone calls through the day) and reconnecting to at least a small part of ourselves B.C. (before child), Mr. Big has requested that we resume the little excursions that we used to take on a regular basis. The problem is, being out of the adult only travel loop for almost 5 years has really put a damper on my excitement to the request. I know a couple obvious trips such as any where on the shoreline, etc, but I am thinking something new, fun and not involving a slot machine. We would travel up to 3 hours in any direction from East/Central PA.

While on the subject. Does anyone actually get ‘vacation’ from child time? I know Princess has a second home with her Nana and most weekends stays over at least one night with her, but we have never actually BOTH left the county without her in tow. (I have had some overnighters in Western PA alone, but Mr. Big was here, close by).

Do share!