Just thought I would list what my biggest blog pet peeves are and see what yours are too. These are just things that bother me on and off (mostly when I am in a mood) and I thought I would share them! 🙂

People who keep blogs that are at least semi- interesting, yet every time I check back it is the SAME post as it was before! Update more often folks. We all have something to write about daily! If not daily, hell, pick ONE A WEEK. Something must have happened interesting in the last week!

A million tags! Pick a couple. Why do we need a million on ONE POST??

Unanswered comments. If I take the time to comment you, then ask you a question in the comment, just take a second and answer me. I promise I will never ask you to answer the theory of relativity!

Strike though. It’s cute when use a million times once in awhile. But overkill is just tacky!

Another writing style that bugs me is a ton of question marks in a post. I blog like I am talking to other people, not to myself. I read a blog recently and peppered through the entire thing were what? question marks. And some were not even answered after it was questioned!

A BAzillion links in one posting. Link me to something of interest please, but link me to something in every sentence and I am moving on to the next blog on my list!

Wordless Wednesday, No Talk Tuesday, Picture day Saturday, whatever you call it on your blog when you post a photo and want it to speak for itself with no words, then don’t write up an entire paragraph to go with it.  If you are going to Write on something you call Word-less than it is very well not wordless is it??  A starred ** explanation for something that needs it is understandable, but I have seen blogs that every single time they do a WW they have a whole posting with it.  I am thinking maybe they just don’t quite understand what it means but have seen others do it.  I look forward to finding WW so I can tell the story myself, be it right or wrong.  And I will rarely tell anyone what my picture is all about and let their imaginations tell their own story.  Think the ending of Castaway.  These are the kind of W.W. I like!

Now that I have that off my chest we now return to your regularly scheduled happy blog!