Why do you blog?
For fun, to get feelings out, to share with others and mostly, I have loved to write since the first time I could hold a pencil.

What was the first blog you ever read?
Oh my gosh, I could not even begin to recall.

What was the first blog that had you hooked?

Which blogger friend would you most like to meet in real person?
Well, I have already me a few and I cannot wait until I go out to visit The Angel Forever

(who is a friend already so will not be a first time meet) but then I will get to meet Ms. L , that is, if she has not high tailed it back to LA by then!

Which blog do you admire the most, why?
I really love Uppercase Woman’s Blog

She is a very strong, independent woman, who is a fantastic mother and fabulous writer!

How different are you in real life than in your blog?
Pretty much what you read is all me

How many blogs do you keep up with on a daily basis?
Oh my Lord. Check my blog roll. I add at least a new one a week. I am addicted!

Link to your 123rd post. Or your 3rd, if you don’t have 123.
Look 2 back from this one and you will see it! (not so hard now was it LOL)