So, one year ago, on the first Saturday of the month of February began our nightmare, which basically lasted the entire month and ended up with a large tax deduction for us for this year.

Move forward to this, the first Saturday in February, one year later.  Princess J was with her Nana all day, we went out with MH & JT to dinner and then shopping.  Once we got back JT and I hit the Beauti Control catalog to spend some of her income tax money and Mr. Big and MH went to fetch the child.  Said child came into the house grumpy, sniffling, coughing — in other words SICK.  As of bedtime there was no fever, however, the same thing happened last year and she woke with 105.5 fever!  Mr. Big told me I am not allowed to freak out, as I sat in the recliner with her clung to me under a blanket and I had serious de ja vu from last year while tears welled up in my eyes.  He assures me we won’t “let it go” this time.  He fails to realize we did NOT let it go.  We were in the E.R. the first night!  We were at the Peds office three times that following week.  No one did anything “wrong” in the whole process.  She did not show signs of pneumonia starting until it was so carried away that we ended up in Children’s Hershey and her in surgery.  Lung surgery.  Words so surreal that when I wrote it on the prayer book and Mr. Big read it later he told me he thought “wow! lung surgery, that child must be bad” then he saw it was me who wrote it.

With happiness, delight and many thanks to God we walked out of there with our child many days later, a pleasure some parents who shared the halls with us probably would never have.

Back to the present.  I am simply Freaking. the. hell. out!  If she is one small, tiny, teeny iota worse tomorrow she will be at the Peds office first thing.  Then at the asthma specialist again later in the week.  I will start her inhaler tomorrow if it turns out to look like more than the sniffles.  She has been on Singular for a couple weeks now hoping to avoid this recurrence.

Anyone who feels like they believe in the power of prayer and has a second, please shoot one up there for us!