So my friend over at Whimsical Chaos

is the IBO of a company that I used to be an IBO of called Quixtar, which I would link her website up to, but she only has the beauty part in on her Blog page that I see and well, that would be wrong in so many ways for ME to link someone to someone else’s products! lol

SHAN…..please post about what I am going to write about so people can linky love it when they visit your blog, which I linked above, and I KNOW my loves who read here will check your blog!

So, as you can see by the title, Princess was trying to destroy the house in more ways than one today and almost won with her last try. She took some nail polish down for daddy to help her do her toes with, but she sat on the arm of the recliner and somehow the exchange between them went terribly wrong and we ended up with a looong red strip of polish between the sofa and the recliner. Thank GOD above that my new furniture is on special order still!! I used resolve and scrubbed…nothing. I came up to check the ‘net for some hints and tried shaving cream, nail polish remover and then carburetor cleaner (yes-no need to read it again). They all took it out some. Then it hit me.

Man, my SA8 Prewash

that stuff gets out stains from my clothes that I have washed AND dried more than once! So I went down to fetch it. It worked better than any of the other treatments. We scrubbed a little less than with the others too. There is still a very very pale pink tint there, but I think when ever we show the house, besides furniture being there, it will be non noticeable enough to forget about having the stain. The professional shampoo we are getting between old furniture pieces leaving and new coming in should do the trick for the rest I am sure.

So, thanks Shan, for turning me back on to the best cleaning line in the world! And here is hoping you get some more business from my free review for you!

Just an added note…I was Freaking.the.hell.out on her about it.  I told her she is going to start ACTING Like she is 4 and not grown up and she is going to start listening to us and taking the first answer we give as the final (though she was told she could have the polish and take it to daddy, he probably should not have let her have it open)  Anyhow, I notice he didn’t really blow up at her, other than to tell her she better leave the kitchen while I was on my tirade.  When I came into the Living-room she told me “daddy isn’t mad at me”  then throughout our turns at scrubbing I noticed he was giving her a lot of extra love.  I have my suspicions that this may have been the fault of someone with a number behind that 4 in their age!