So tonight Princess was playing and she ran and jumped on daddy.  He made the “man noise” when someone hits them in the wrong spot.  I said “Oh, did she ball break ya?”  Innocently enough and fully not expecting a response from Princess.  I should know better when I have a 14 year old 4 year old.  She asked what ball?  I said nothing honey.  She came over and whispered to me “you mean the ball by daddy’s penis”  I was floored and laughed pretty hysterically without any way whatsoever to stifle myself.  Mr. Big asked her what she said and after some prodding she went and whispered it to him.  He asked ME where she got that!?  Like I know!!  I have never said anything about boys having BALLS!  Then she said, “well you do have balls under your penis!!”  Ugh.  We asked her who told her that.  She named Nana.  She is almost the LAST person who would tell her that.  I suspect one of the boys she plays with, but hell, it could be a girl.  Do you think they talk about balls in Preschool??  In any case, I am not sure we care to know who she is having ball conversations with.