Today is 2 years since Mr. Big’s grandmom passed away. She sure was a woman who lived life. It was almost sudden when she passed- sudden illness but she hung on almost a week. Princess and I used to say a prayer for her every night – not to get better, just a prayer for her to be at peace. The last night when we laid down, Princess told me we did not have to say a prayer. When I asked her why she told me “because Grandmom isn’t sick anymore” One hour later my mother-in-law called to tell me she had passed about an hour or so before. I told her I already figured it out. Princess also mentioned Grandmom to us a few times after she passed. One was months after she was gone. She told me Grandmom comes to Hosses with them. I asked her you mean when you all used to go? She said no, she goes with us, only now she is up there and she pointed up. I cried and made sure my mother-in-law heard that her mother-in-law still comes to lunch with her, princess and mom-mom (mother in laws mom). Today, PJ and I had a cute conversation about Heaven. I took the opportunity to ask her if she ever sees Grandmom. She said no, she must like it in heaven because she wants to stay here. Now Barbara (one of her daughters) goes to Hosses with them instead. Grandmom was so in love with Princess. Around Christmas before she passed Mr Big, myself and Princess picked her up to take her out to eat. We were going to treat her to the Texas Roadhouse or to Austin’s. She said either is fine, unless you would like to go to the Old Country Buffet. She LOVED that place. She had it all worked out on what time of the day to go so she could pay for lunch but be there for the dinner change. She was a petite lady but my goodness did she love her food. I will always hold the memory of that last dinner with her close to my heart. In the car afterwards we went looking at Christmas lights. Princess had her playing a sleeping game. Grandmom would close her eyes and lower her head like she was sleeping, then PJ would yell at her and Grandmom would say “oh oh did I fall asleep? you woke me up!” EVERY.SINGLE.TIME tirelessly. The day before she collapsed we had dance class at the mall not too far from her house. We were going to stop by but PJ was tired and so I told her we would head over on Friday to see her. Friday she was in the hospital and it was her last Friday with us.

I did a scrapbook page about Grandmom. I think the one walking away is just so fitting with the title “it’s so hard to say goodbye” She walked and walked with PJ that day! I could not get the link to work so try to copy and past the link below into your browser!

Continue to Rest in peace Grandmom.