I know the girl loves me..she tells me all the time, but seriously, to crowd so intensely!  I do not know what is up with this child.  She is up.my.ass.  and I mean ALL.THE.TIME!!  If we are downstairs, she is happily sitting in the morning with her pancakes and cartoon du jour playing, yet, if I even hint at heading up the stairs to do something like, oh I don’t know, blow the stink off me that I hadn’t for a couple days or put on my make-up or take a crap, well, little footsteps are behind me.  If I head into the kitchen to do anything I turn around and bam! run into a munchkin.  I am so sick of being tripped by a cat and a kid I could scream.  Then today, I guess she loves me so much she can’t see me enough, so after me only sleeping about 4 hours and planning on snuggling up for another 2 I was denied.  Guess who was up at 7am!  And, guess who had a meltdown when Auntie L was over visiting on her lunch.  She was in so much trouble for as bad as she was!  I made her call later to leave an apology message to Auntie L at work.  Then, she peed herself at school!!  And tonight we had appointments to look at 2 houses.  Every time Mr Big would turn around he would step on her.  After we arrived home she was told how many times to stop TALKING SO LOUD IN THE HOUSE!!  I swear she is going deaf!  And her bedtime snack was cereal and she started (purposely) slopping milk all over. So, she is going deaf, has a bladder issue, has insomnia, has separation anxiety and woke up one day a completely different person!!  I just want one day…one day of not saying the same thing (or the words no and stop) a zillion times.  One day of listening to what I say.  One day to not get argued with when a question is asked and my answer happens to, for once, be No!  I know it will pass…but when!!!  This momma is hoping it passes sooner rather than later!