Can we have some collective prayers please!!  There is a really good chance that by early next week we will put a bid in on a house!!  Everything, and I mean, everything must fall nicely into place for everything to work out great.  I have 2 huge fears.  #1 is this house selling.  Its a great house, cute, well kept, solid, good area, but its small and more of a starter, plus its a townhouse!  Have to find just the right people looking.  #2 Someone to watch Princess during the summer who is willing to drive to us.  I have to start at 9am starting in the summer (yay no more evenings!!) and I do not know anyone in the town we are moving to, no teens, no retired adults and I really don’t want to have to drive her somewhere everyday!  I will have to pay a lot more out than I do now (since its just preschool now) pay a much higher mortgage, work more to pay for it all, and stress at what I am going to do!!  So— pray pray pray that everything falls into place!