So, I was notified that the house we were looking at has had 9 showings in the week it has been listed and 3 offers are coming this weekend.  I knew this was going to happen.  It is in a *very* high demand area and it was a great price.  Meanwhile, this morning my Realtor sent me a new listing.  A house in the town we live in now went up.  It sits smack in front of a trailer park!  However, it has 2 full baths, a large 2 car detached garage (not a drive into the basement garage), family room, livingroom, kitchen, dining room, finished basement, 4 bedrooms and another very small room (craft room!!!).  And its 2k less then the other one. Mind you the taxes are 1k more, but whatever, we are used to being in one of the higher tax areas.  So, I just told her tonight to go ahead and drop the continued showings for us on the first house and we are going to pursue this second one.  We have the showing on Sunday.

The next step is developing my cleaning team!  I need anyone and everyone who loves me just a little to come help me in intervals until we are done!  I need to pack some things away to move them out of the house, get rid of the junk, dust and clean!  Make all the rooms look as big as we can, and generally clean clean clean!  Then keeping it that way without beating my family will be the second big step!  ha!