Well, I have been MIA for awhile, but there isn’t a heck of a lot going on and/or I haven’t felt like typing or had time.  In either case:  I AM HERE NOW!

Anyhow, we pretty much decided to hold off on the whole house thing.  Loads of reasons.  Two houses we were interested in pulled from the Market, a really bad sellers market, fear of ours not selling when we buy one, I could go on but I won’t.

So, instead we will save for it more and look next year and in the meantime, spend some of what we are saving on what?   DISNEY!!!!  

So, We were thinking we would go over Thanksgiving weekend and the week after.  Longer trip and less vacation time we have to use.  So I stopped my AAA today (the three A’s as my MIL calls it LOL) and got the pricing on a 10 day and then the pricing on arriving that Saturday and skipping the two Holiday days.  Yea. Huge savings skipping those two days.  And I was told Huge Crowds too.  So, then I went to work, printed a calendar and on when I took a break (wink, wink) I was trying some other dates.  So, I tried a few different options, etc etc.

Then I got to thinking.  Wow.  Nothing but long weekends all the way until DECEMBER??  UGH!  I can’t even imagine.  So I called my great friend, C, who is going on October, and by the way took Princess today with her kids and WORE HER HINEY O-U-T (thanks C!!!) to see what her dates are.  So, I get online, go to Disney and look up the second week of October.  Which BTW would put me IN DISNEY WORLD ON MY 40th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  And the cost is only $120 more than the week we were going.  Plus, C invited us to her rental house at the shore in July.  So, I will use 2 of my days in July and the other 6 in October and be happy and not to stressed waiting!!  YIPPEE!!  I think that I found the date!  Though it will be a couple days less, but we will have a couple days with company for the little one so that will make her so happy!

So, now I just have to take the down payment money over next week (insurance included!!) and be happy!  Oh, and change my tickers LOL!

I am thinking of trying to keep it a surprise from Princess.  I am not sure how we can drive 18 hours without telling her.  Maybe tell her the morning we get in the car?  I will figure it out!

I am super excited now that its less time!  YAY!

Oh heck…now I REALLY have to start exercising!